TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE 21st August 2017

TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE 21st August 2017

Finding out about the Eclipse

We were on our way to Colorado when we stopped for lunch at a rest stop. All the available tables were occupied but fortunately, a kind family invited us over to share the table with them. We started talking and inadvertently found out that they were on the way to see the eclipse in Kentucky happening 2 days later.

They told us that we might be able to see it and that got us really excited! We quickly went back to research more about it and it turned out that we were able to catch the rare total eclipse on the way! This is the link to where we found the locations to view the eclipse! 

There were a few locations but we chose Kanas as a base as it was nearer to Colorado and quite a fair distance from Illinois. (6hrs drive) There were about 3 places recommended to see the eclipse; Atchison, Troy and White Clouds. We were thinking of going to Atchison, Kansas as it was nearer and there were a few viewing spots but there wasn’t any place to stay!! Everything was fully booked. The nearest place to stay was 45 mins away from the viewing point.

All the Airbnb listing’s prices were overpriced. Moreover, there were many hotels that were fully booked months ago. It was really crazy!

Troy, Kansas

Thankfully, the small town of Troy managed to set some land aside for people out of town wanting to view the eclipse ( as there wasn’t any hotels nearby!) so we decided to stay there. Another reason as to why we chose this location is that the totality time is expected to last for 2m37s, slightly longer than Atchison (This information can be found here.)

Troy has a population of slightly more than 1000 people. Everyone literally knows each other! It was an interesting sight for us because in Singapore, We don’t even know our neighbours! (ok maybe just a few.)

Everyone we met were so friendly, they asked if we have a place to stay because there wasn’t any hotels nearby. When we said no, they immediately asked if we needed a place to stay. No one in Singapore would have done that! It might be the difference in culture but we were absolutely taken aback by how kind and friendly they were towards strangers like us!

We didn’t accept their offer as we didn’t want to inconvenience them and we were comfortable staying in our car hehe. It felt like we are back sleeping in our RV in Europe! I’m really glad that we were able to find this place!

A Small Town in Kansas!
A Small Town in Kansas!
A Small Town in Kansas!
A Small Town in Kansas!
The Live Performance in Kansas
The Live Performance in Kansas
The Live Performance in Kansas
The Live Performance in Kansas
A Small Town in Kansas!
A Small Town in Kansas!
A Small Town in Kansas!
A Small Town in Kansas!

They organised an event for everyone waiting to see the eclipse! They had a hotdog competition, food & beverage vendors, face painting vendors, bands and more! We really felt welcomed and it was an eye opening sight to American’s small countryside town lifestyle!

In addition to all the wonderful things this small town offers, I understand that some places would hike up prices to take advantage of visitors due to the lack of accomodation space. Even Eclipse glasses and food were extremely affordable, thanks to these honest and generous people who made everything affordable although it was expected that this town is one of the more popular spots for viewing the Eclipse!

Watch our Video Below to find out What Happened Before the Eclipse…. HAHA. It was Hilarious. LOLOL.


Today, 21st August 2017, was unfortunately cloudy. It rained lightly in the morning and just before the total eclipse. I was quite disappointed as I was really looking forward to see the full transition of the moon moving towards and away from the sun but of course, I would say i am already very fortunate to be at the right place at the right time.

We really didn’t expect ourselves to be able to experience the Eclipse and what more, to be able to see the total eclipse that only happens once in a very long time (it last happened in USA in 1979!) I consider ourselves really lucky!

There were a few historical, magical moments that we were able to catch the totality. It was breathtaking. I’m so glad we were able to catch a glimpse of it though it was merely a few seconds. We managed to experience for the very first time.

It was overwhelming. When I saw the entire place getting dark and the Moon encompassing the Sun, it was a magical moment that no amount of superlatives would do justice. Tears almost rolled down my eyes. That is a moment that I am going to remember for the rest of my life.


1. Eclipse is actually harmful for your eyes. Do remember to wear some protection (Sunglass or eclipse glasses). You can only take it out when it reaches totality

2. Check the weather forecast before choosing a site! It would be unfortunate if you travel so far to view the eclipse and then missed it due to bad weather. (We were a little unlucky too…)

Check out our Eclipse Video Below!!

All in all, I’m really glad to have met so many kind hearted and friendly locals and also, experiencing such a precious, rare eclipse phenomenon together.

To your Happiness and Success!

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