One thing i can tell you for sure is that it is a long ride. It took us approximately 5hours 30minutes to complete the 338 mile journey.

We stopped at a motel near a small town called Hays for the night. Not once did i ever think that i would be visiting or traveling across a countryside in America.

I had seen it all in the movies and never did i think that I would experience it as well.

I am a city girl, living my life entirely in Singapore except for my recent years of travelling around. I see mainly buildings everywhere I go. And to be honest, before I started going around to different parts of the world, I did not even know the names of some common animals. I had to ask the locals to tell me what it was. It was so hilarious that I would be laughed at.

Everything in Kansas was so different from what I typically saw. Well, other parts of America as well but especially so for Kansas. I saw nothing but plain fields. As I drove across the country, it was just acres and acres of grassland. It was really an eye opener.

The great thing was that, since it was just plain flat lands, we could see the sunrise!!! Hola!

Picture of the Ball (Sunrising) arising!!

We woke up at 5.30am in the morning to travel to Colorado. It was a 5.5 hours drive in total and we did not want to waste the day away. As we drove, we saw the sunrise. It was spectacular. There was no obstruction at all. This was my first time ever. Typically, in the city, it was difficult to catch the sunrise from the start but we could do it here in Kansas!! It was so perfect!

Watch our SunRise Time Lapse video below!!

 Now that i’ve seen it, i actually prefer the country side more than the city areas. In fact we have decided to go camping for the next few nights in Colorado as well! Hopefully it wont disappoint!

Never would I have thought that being in Scouts during my younger days would be of great use! It was perfect in fact! We successfully set up our tents for the night!! Although to be honest we did have difficulty setting the tent up. We forgot which hole to insert the end of the sticks to haha. It was really funny and stupid of us. Plus, it was drizzling and windy as well. It was so bad and I was panicking like my usual self. Hahaha.

Picture of our tent for the night in Colorado! 🙂

It is so peaceful and relaxed here as well at the campsite. On a day to day basis I am usually the type that panics a lot. Camping and being with the nature would definitely make my life longer and happier!! 🙂 Oh and camping is way cheaper than staying in a Motel/Hotel.

Caravan-ing in Europe in my last trip definitely helped us gain some much needed experience with campsites!

Just another day in Bunny Hop’s Life!

To your Happiness and Success!

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