Disney Springs: Amazing Things to do in Orlando

What is Disney Springs?

Disney Springs is actually a place that holds themed retail stores, great dining places and an entertainment center with the waterfront and natural beauty. It is the furthest thing from an ordinary Shopping Mall.

I love this place so much. Once you are in there, it gives you an entirely different kind of feeling and vibe. It is so lively and vibrant here! It gets crowded at times but you could feel that everyone is enjoying themselves very much. It is a place that is filled with Music, Dance, and Uniqueness especially because it is Disney-themed. Many people flock here to enjoy their evening or shop here for souvenirs and gifts. It is simply the best place to be in.

Address: 1486 Buena Vista Dr, Orlando, FL 32830

Opening Hours: 10:00-24:00

Food in Disney Springs

First, let’s talk about the Food in Disney Springs. There is a huge variety of food that you can choose from Chinese, American, Mexican, Italian and much more! For me, I particularly enjoyed eating at Morimoto’s Restaurant and the quick service Fish & Chips Restaurant called Cooke of Dublin. These two restaurants are the popular ones I head to when I am in Disney Springs! There are many other Restaurants available but since I loved the Fish & Chips in Cooke of Dublin, I tend to go there often.

Morimoto is delicious but the pricing is a little on the high side. there is a main restaurant and on the side, street style food place. It is, of course, cheaper with lesser options available but it is still delicious and good. They have set meals on display to show you the options available which make it easy for you to pick and choose.

Another food Restaurant which I remember is called PaddleFish. Honestly, I have not tried it. It is newly opened and located at the Landing. The exterior looks of this Restaurant in the shape of a paddle boat caught my eye. If you are looking to enjoy the sea view and dine, this can be an option for you. Another Restaurant option which is by the waters is called The Boat House. It has Seafood, Hamburgers, Lobsters and many other options that you can choose from as well.

T-Rex and the Rainforest Cafe are Disney themed Restaurants which is really unique and interesting as well. The entire restaurant is designed in its particular theme and when you are in it, it really makes you feel like it. This is the perfect place for families to bring their Children. They would definitely love it in here.

Shopping in Disney Springs

Shopping in Disney Springs is always fun! There are about 150 Disney Springs shops ranging from Disney-themed shops to noteworthy brands. Some of their unique shops include Legoland, World of Disney Disney Springs, Star Wars shop and their Candy Stores (Selling different types of candies and Apples that people love!) The stores and shops in Disney Springs are really huge and wide. You can slowly walk the streets of Disney Springs and enjoy the atmosphere and space!

On top of these, if you are a fan of Uniqlo, Disney Springs have it there for you! However, just know that stocks for a particular product run out very quickly. Previously we had to visit Disney Springs 3 times before being able to purchase a particular Jacket. Nonetheless, it is the only place that has Uniqlo in Orlando and I am so glad they have it.

Just a heads up, prices in Disney Springs can be on the high side. If you are looking to shop at a cheaper rate, it is better to visit the factory stores near Orlando. They have lots of Sales and discounted prices available on a consistent basis. (https://www.bunnyhoptravels.com/single-post/orlando-shopping)

Fun things to do in Disney Springs

1. Water Taxi Service

Besides shopping and eating as per usual, there are many other fun things to do as well! There is a Water Taxi service which transports you to the 3 different docks in Disney Springs and the Disney Springs hotel. If you are staying in one of Disney’s Resorts, which is conveniently located near Disney Springs, you will definitely be able to sit the ferries to and fro your hotel. This water taxi runs to 3 different docks: West Side Dock, Pleasure Island Dock, and Marketplace Dock. Waiting times between each water taxi is only about 15-20 minutes. It comes very quickly each time. With the water taxi, you are able to enjoy the scenic view of Disney Springs and the well-designed resorts from the waters. It is also more convenient to travel from one side of the dock to another as walking from west side dock to marketplace dock can be a little far for some. These services are all free of charge.

For more information about Disney Spring’s Water Taxi Service: http://www.wdwmagic.com/transportation/downtown-disney-water-taxi.htm

If you are staying in one of Disney’s Resorts and do not intend to take a boat, there are buses available. These services are also free of charge and they operate from every resort to Disney Springs. It is very convenient!

2. Aerophile: Hot Air Balloon Ride

This is known as the Aerophile in Disney Springs. It is located near the West Side Dock, beside Starbucks! Aerophile is a hot air balloon ride which takes you up to about 400 ft up for about 5-10 minutes. You would be able to see Disney Springs from the top. It is about $20 for Adults and $15 for Child.

For more information: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/disney-springs/aerophile-balloon-flight/

3. House of Blues

This is very famous in the evening as many people go for the Music, Bar, and Restuarant!

4. Cirque Du Soleil

Another famous spot where people visit in Disney Springs. They have a huge theatre set up for their shows.

Website, tickets, and information can be found here: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/entertainment/disney-springs/cirque-du-soleil-la-nouba/

5. Disney Interactive

An indoor theme park play which has got 5 levels of virtual reality games, arcade, fantasy adventure games and simulators for you to try! It is about $45 for adults and $39 for Child. Some games are themed with Disney’s movies like Aladdin’s Magic Carpet ride, Pirates of the Carribbean and even Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Buster.

6. Vibrant Night Life for All Ages

It’s great to be in Disney Springs in the evening! If you love listening to pop music and dancing, there is Zumba near the Pleasure Island Dock at the Landing! If you love Classical and Electronic music, it is there for you at West Side! For kids, there is a place for them to dance and sing along too which is also located at West Side! There are many things to do! Just walk the streets of Disney Springs and you will definitely love it!

7. Private Car-Boat Ride

This Private Car Boat Ride is located beside the Boat House at the Landing near the Pleasure Island Dock. It costs about USD150 per ride for an occupancy of 2 to 3 people. It goes one round in the waters gives you a tour around the place by car as well.

Disney Springs Parking

All of the attractions mentioned from (1) to (5) are located at West Side Dock along with Disney Springs AMC Theatre (Movie theatres and Shows). It is best to park your car at Orange Garage or the open air parking space. Just note that the open air parking is directly under the sun which can get your car too hot at times. Another Parking lot is called the Disney Springs Lime Garage. This Parking lot is nearer to shops like World of Disney, Uniqlo, Zara and all the other shops located near by.

Disney Springs lemon lot is also available near Shops like Coca Cola and Planet Hollywood! The parking lots can get quite full and pack during the weekends especially, just be there early so to not spend too much time going through the parking lots finding a place.

It is spectacular in Disney Springs! When you are there, you can feel that everyone is having a great time like myself! This is a must go if you are in Orlando! It gives you unforgettable and happy memories! Have fun and good Luck!

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