Tahoe Hotpot: A Restaurant all Asians would Love!

Our first Ever Hotpot in Tahoe City California| Tahoe Hot Pot

Tahoe Hot Pot, is suitable for any occasions, be it with friends or family or even on a lonely night. This restaurant gives you the opportunity to sit back and relax, simply perfect for any seasons.

Opening Hours: 11am-3pm, 4.30pm-9.30pm

Address: 177 US-50 #101, Stateline, NV 89449

We were actually planning to eat another Thai restaurant (My Thai & Noodles) but were drawn by the ‘Hotpot’ word on the other end of the street. The restaurant was called ‘Tahoe Hot Pot’.

For your information, we found out that Tahoe Hot Pot’s owner is the same as My Thai & Noodles. This was an interesting fact and we were glad we made the decision to visit Tahoe Hot Pot!

So anyway, this is actually the first hotpot that we have seen with the exception of the korean restaurant that we went in Las Vegas. It wasn’t too pricey, you can choose 2 soup base (free) with a main course (either meat or veg/tofu). Do note that you will be given one free plate of vegetables too. On top of that, you will be provided with either noodles or rice! All of that for just $16/17! You can add on other sides to complement your broth.

There is a variety of soup base that you can choose from: Spicy, Non-spicy, seafood and even Vegetarian Soup Base!

Drinks were served right from the start and were ensured that the water level does not run too low. They even asked if we needed a refill for our broth. The boss walked around to ensure that everyone was comfortable and everything was all set. Like I have said, they ensured everything was perfect. My sister is a seaweed lover and she actually told the boss that it would be perfect with seaweed. He brought out some and shared it with us. (Even though it was not in the Menu) He was really nice. We could really tell that they served from their heart.

This is a photo of our almost empty hotpot: ( We ate more after this photo was taken haha):

1. The soup base was a little too plain for my sister. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious but a little more spice would make it even more delicious. (She added chilli to spice it up! It was superb!)

2. Though the staffs are friendly, there is a communication gap between the servers and the customers. Most of the staffs can speak a little bit of english but from what we have observed, it sometimes seemed like the customers and the staffs were not talking to each other even though they were. The menu can be confusing as well. Most of the customers that came in were confused by the menu. We couldn’t decipher if the soup base has to be matched with one or two main course. ( You just have to choose one main course for 2 soups. )

For me, I am a soup lover and being able to find a hot pot restaurant after a long time of traveling around the states was just perfect. We had so much fun drinking the soup, chatting and enjoying ourselves in this restaurant. There were lots of people going into the restaurant as well. It just gets busier and busier. We loved it here and that is the reason why we wanted to write this blog up!

All in all, Tahoe Hot Pot was a great and wonderful experience. If you ever go to Tahoe Lake, I would say Tahoe Hot Pot is a must try.

To your Happiness and Success!

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