Mammoth Mountain: A Place You Will Love

Mammoth Mountain was simply astonishing, the mountain top overlooking the bluish lakes and the scenic gondola resembled the Swiss Alps! The only difference being that Switzerland has many more lookouts and it is way more expensive. Hence, I would definitely recommend this as a cheaper alternative! You will definitely fall in love with this lovely place!


The scenic gondola’s entry fees and age ranges in brackets:

Adult – $23.00 (23-64)

Senior – $19.00 (65-79)

Youth – $19.00 (13-22)

Child – $9.00 (5-12)

For every paying adult, up to 2 kids (12 and under) ride free. The fees are rather affordable so I would definitely recommend you to try it out. Do note that you could cycle up for free.

There are some coupons ($5 off per coupon) that you can find in the village (20-30 minutes away) or in Mammoth Mountain Inn (2-3 minutes away). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any photos of it!

The gondola ride takes you up to the top of the mountain whereby you can hike down to numerous lakes, or cycle down. It is really quite cool to see many mountain bikers cycle down so quickly. It is not suitable for people who are afraid of heights as you will be cycling through steep curves and narrow roads. In addition, you will be able to walk to overlook the beautiful lakes from afar.


At the top of the mountain, there will be a cafe and a museum which displays skins and hides of animals that live in the vicinity. Also, information about the snowfall, temperature and how the mountains are formed can also be found there.

As you can see below, these are real animal skins. It can be pretty intimidating because it may seem as if they are staring straight at you! These animals were not hunted but instead were either natural deaths or killed by speeding cars. Hence, please do not speed.

You can choose to get the meal set with the gondola ride at the ticketing counter. It is cheaper than buying off the menu at the top of the mountain and you would probably not want to starve till you get down. Also, you would probably want to spend as long as possible in such a beautiful place!

During the gondola ride, they will stopover at a gondola museum. We thought it would be boring but we were pleasantly surprised! There were many cool artifacts and activities and we had lots of fun.

Mammoth Mountain is popular for skiing in the winter and mountain biking in the summer although you will still be able to see some traces of snow in the summer.

Watch our Video Below to Find Out What we Experienced in Mammoth Mountains!

Other places you will fall in love with:

1. Lakes

There are numerous lakes to visit by car or by foot (hiking). Most of the lakes are accessible by car whereas lakes such as McLead Lake, TJ Lake, Crystal Lake and Lake George are only accessible by hiking or boating.

Other lakes include Twin Lakes, Upper Twin, Horseshoe Lake, Lake Mary and Lake Mamie.

We did not hike as we were leaving early in the morning for Yosemite National Park, hence we went to the lakes that were accessible by car. They are absolutely gorgeous. The mountainous backdrop reflected the lakes that were extremely clear and unpolluted.

That is probably why you would see many people fishing or even swimming in the lakes! However, do note that it might be icy cold, thus I would not recommend you to bring your pets down for a swim.

Note: These lakes are essential to the people living around but due to long periods of drought, these lakes almost dried up. Thankfully, we had a huge fall this year, 2017 thus the lakes are replenishing and as a result, water catchment areas have been built to store water for seasons of drought.

2. Village

The village is pretty small. There are accommodations in the village itself such as the Mammoth Mountain Village Lodge and there are also a few restaurants and shops in the vicinity. They have even provided a place for people to sit back and relax by the fireplace.

3. The Earthquake Fault

Yes! You can see an actual earthquake fault here! It is between Mammoth Mountain and the village. Visitors are permitted from entering the fault due to safety reasons.

Location: Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, USA

More Information can be found here.

4. Devils Postpile National Monument

Driving in will not give you the opportunity to see anything. If you have the time, I would recommend you to hike down!


As mentioned earlier, there are accommodations in the village. However, we stayed in Mammoth Mountain Inn that was located just opposite the gondola.

There are other accommodations nearby such as:

1. Mammoth Mountain Inn

Staying here was the best decision we made. It was pricier than most of the other options but we had the best location and comfort that any hotel could ever offer. My sister wanted to try staying in Yosemite Campground at 4 Degrees Celsius. However, I am afraid of the cold, hence I did not want to stay there as we were not prepared. Even if we were, I would definitely not stay there unless we were confident that we would not freeze in the middle of the night.

The hotel provided us with everything that we needed, a heater, fan and the best smelling shampoo and a massage bar soap. We were extremely satisfied with the room, environment and the almost perfect view that we extended our stay in Mammoth Mountain. We even went to soak in the convenient and private hot tub which blended well with the chilly weather at the top of the Mammoth Mountain.

It was perfect. Although, one word of caution : beware of the bears. Keep your food in your trunk or your rooms. The bears will literally rip through your windows, get in and the interior of your car will never look the same again.

Fortunately ,we took our food out. I can’t imagine what would have happened had the bears did that to our cars. Most of our items for camping and necessities were all kept in the car. I was not exaggerating about the bears. The window incident did actually happen as you can see above.

We left early in the morning for Yosemite National Park and saw the state of the rubbish bin that had been ransacked. The bears are really aggressive here. I apologise for the poor photo quality!

Location: 10400 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, USA

More information can be found here. 

2. Mammoth Mountain Main Lodge

Location: 1 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, USA

More Information can be found here.

3. Mammoth Mountain Chalets

Location:  11000 Minaret Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, USA

More  information can be found here

Mammoth Mountain and Mammoth Lake are extremely gorgeous areas. I encourage all of you to visit them if you have the chance to! I guarantee you will be more than satisfied! Even though i have been there, this is one of the places that i would definitely be back for. Till next time for that and to you all!

All in all, I do hope that this blog provides you all with the necessary information in a concise and clear manner. Thanks for reading!

To your Happiness and Success!

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