My Idea of Las Vegas

Most of you would probably have heard of Las Vegas either through word of mouth or through TV shows. For me, shows have introduced me to Las Vegas. It has always depicted Vegas hotels to be luxurious, with a never ending night life for the party animals and of course, the huge variety of delicious food that can be suited to every needs and wants just like any other big cities like New York.

We are here in Vegas now, staying in a suite that is more than 800 sq feet! You wont believe how lucky we got!

Let’s rewind a little. As we were driving here from Grand Canyon, we were thinking if we should upgrade our hotel room as it was.. LAS VEGAS!

Okay, we might have over rated this city but we really did enjoy ourselves here!. In our previous trips around the National Parks, we have been sleeping in tents. Thats not to say that we dont like the idea of sleeping in tents but Las Vegas was simply too hot for camping. The weather in Las Vegas can go up to 40 Degree Celcius and the heat is extreme. Besides, since we are in the city and hotels aren’t that expensive, it gave us more reason to stay in Hotels.

Our Original Hotel Booking

We booked a premium hotel room in Westgate Resort and Casino for $33SGD. It was the cheapest rate for a 4 Star Hotel with 2 double beds or 1 king bed and to be honest, it was super cheap! We had never ever booked a hotel room for less than $50 SGD! Who would have guessed that a Vegas hotel would be this reasonably priced!

Picture of Westgate Hotel:

Westgate was close to all the attractions though it’s 1 or 2 streets away from the Las Vegas Strip. Most of which are within 5-10min by car (depending on the traffic). For your information, Las Vegas Strip is a stretch of road where casinos and hotels are heavily concentrated in.

Picture of the Las Vegas Strip:

The reason why we chose Westgate was because of its value and location. (A 4 star hotel that costs $33SGD & attractions along this stretch of road! Stratosphere, an indoor theme park and Hotel is literally just opposite!)

Most hotels along the Las Vegas Strip would require us to pay parking fees and even pay for wifi although they already charge resort fees On the other hand, Westgate had free Parking and free wifi! It was too good a deal to miss out on. (We extended our stay in Westgate for one more night because it was simply worth the money.)

The Free Suite Upgrade

So anyway, when we were at the check-in counter, we asked for the cost of a Room upgrade. We were told that it would cost $20USD per night.

Thankfully we decided to take a look at our room before deciding. Instead, the normal rooms were fully booked and they had to upgrade us to a suite! (Even if we had paid the 20USD per night, i’m pretty sure we would have still been upgraded to the same room haha)

This current room has a small bar section with a sink, coffee maker, 3 tables, 17 chairs including sofa seats, 1 queen size bed, 1 double roll away bed, basic toilet and small laundry room to hang our clothes! I forgot to mention about the spectacular city view in front of our hotel room! It’s really too much to ask for.

Watch our Video to check out our Free Upgraded Suite! One of the Best experiences ever!

We got lucky, really.

The only downside to this hotel is the lift. We came during the Labor Day Period and there were too many people staying here.

2 of the Hotel lifts were not working on Sunday Morning and the wait was long and dreadful. Someone told me that he waited for an hour before getting into the lift. Some others had to go to the highest floor just to take the lift down. It was crazy! The lift literally stopped at every level but after that weekend, it was more relaxed and not so crowded.

Here’s a short video of the people trying to get into the lift i was in.

It was so funny. Anyway, we will be doing up a blog on Las Vegas but if you do need any information, I will definitely help you out.

To your Happiness and Success!

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To your Happiness and Success!

Did This Help You? If so, be sure to leave me a comment below and then SHARE this post with those you care about!

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