Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah: 5 Best Points to See

Bryce Canyon National Park, also known as the top of the Grand Staircase in Grand Canyon, has the densest number of hoodoos in the world.

Is it our favourite?! You bet it is! The feeling in Bryce Canyon National Park was just magical. We did not do much hiking and did it the easy way. We drove up to the highest point, Rainbow point and started driving down slowly. It didn’t take up much of our time and it was enjoyable. We even managed to catch the sunset at Sunset point! The beautiful sight of the Hoodoos coupled with the panoramic view was just spectacular.

What are Hoodoos?

These hoodoos that make up Bryce Canyon National Park is a major reason why it is so beautiful and the reason why Bryce Canyon is our favourite National Park! You can only see it to believe it!

Bryce Canyon National Park provides free shuttle service every 15 minutes that journeys through the entirety of the park, bringing you to the places of interest. Most of these points are within walkable distance from the bus stops and are handicap-friendly. For us, we drove our car throughout the park and it was very convenient as well.

Watch Our Video Below to find out the Gems in Bryce Canyon National Park!

 Camping in Bryce Canyon National Park

Camping is available at two campsites, Sunset Campground and North Campground, on a first come first serve basis. Tent site reservations are available at the self service kiosk for $20/night and $30/night for RV sites. Some tent and RV sites can be reserved in advance of up to 240 days.

We fully enjoyed our stay at the Bryce Canyon National Park’s North Campground. Firstly, it was convenient and extremely affordable. Staying in the Park itself saved us a lot of time and trouble. We packed our tent at around 0630am and managed to catch the sunset at 0657am. It was so convenient. We did not need to worry about missing it due to bad traffic on the road or unfamiliarity along the route.

 Things to do in Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park also offers many activities such as Camping, Hiking, Horseback Riding and Backcountry.

Hiking trails are available for all, be it thrill seekers or the less adventurous. We didn’t go for any hikes due to a lack of time but Queen’s / Navajo Combination Loop is the most popular hike.

It’s about 2.9 miles and will probably take you about 2-3 hours. It takes you to see a magnificent close-up view of the hoodoos, no wonder it is such a popular hike! Sadly, we didn’t have enough time so we only drove to the different viewpoints.

Other hike information can be found in the newspaper provided when you enter Bryce Canyon National Park. Or simply click here to be directed straight to Bryce Canyon National Park’s website.

For those who prefer not to hike, Bryce Canyon also offers a scenic drive by car or shuttle service which stops at various points. You can also try horseback riding for trails such as Peekaboo Loop, Navajo / Peekaboo Combination Loop, The Figure 8 Combination and Bryce Amphitheater Traverse trails.

These are our top 5 favourite points.

1. Sunset Point

Sunset point is the perfect place to.. well, view the sunset. You will experience a magnificent view of the sun setting alongside a backdrop of the hoodoos. We managed to enjoy the view until it got too windy for us to stay on. Additionally, it’s actually a perfect spot to take a time-lapse video because the view here is arguably the best of Bryce Canyon! Sunset point really made us feel calm and peaceful, forgetting all our worries in life. It is also a good time for you to soak up, relax and maybe reflect on what have you done the whole day, week or even your lifetime.

2. Inspiration Point

Inspiration point consists of 3 different landmarks and the photo above shows the highest point. To get there, you will have to climb a sandy mid range slope. I strongly recommend that you ascend to the highest point. The view from the top is absolutely magnificent. Most people do not climb up as they are unsure if the view is worth it! Once you ascend, you will be greeted with an amphitheatre of hoodoos and it certainly took our breath away.

3. Rainbow Point

Rainbow point is the highest point of the scenic drive. It offers a 360 Degree view of the Canyon and it was the first point that made us go WOW.

4. Sunrise Point

 We caught the sunrise at about 6.57am. We were almost late but fortunately we arrived just on time.

It was a good experience albeit a really chilly one. We were freezing there while waiting for the sun to rise. Although I was wearing a heat-tech jacket, I still felt so cold. I definitely recommend you bring more clothes if you intend to view the sunrise!

 5. Bryce Point

Bryce point is another point where you will be able to see the amphitheater of hoodoos greeting you! Though the view is spectacular, there were too many people. If you would like a quieter spot, you can attempt a short hike on the left. After completing the hike, you will be able to see the contours and gradient of rock formation which is really cool!

Accomodation/ Lodging in Bryce Canyon

Due to its overwhelming popularity, all lodging has to be reserved in advance. Kindly contact 877-386-4383, to make a reservation or find out more from this website.

Note: All of these do not offer air conditioning, wifi or television.

1. Western cabins Lodging rate: $221/night. $10 for each additional person for 3 or more people. No rollaway beds

2. Sunset, Sunrise Point Rooms

Lodging rate: $203/night. Sunset Point Rooms costs $130 in the winter. $12 for rollaway bed. $10 for each additional person for 3 or more people.

3. Guest Suites

Lodging rate: $261/night.

4. Guest Studios

Lodging rate: $166/night.

I hope that this blog has served its purpose of providing sufficient information of what not to miss in Bryce Canyon.

To your Happiness and Success!

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